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Instinct of Survival - North of Nowhere
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Formed as Sperrzone in 1995 playing typical German rough punk. The band released an EP in 1998 and then changed name. With this, their style changed a lot, from crust punk into old Napalm Death-style grindcore. Nowadays they play metal-influenced classic stenchcore similar to Axegrinder, Deviated Instinct and the likes.

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Instinct of Survival

Originally formed in 1995 as Sperrzone in Hamburg, Germany, they started off playing rough hardcore. At some point in the late '90s they renamed the band Instinct of Survival and changed their style to grindcore. Around the mid-'00s they changed their style again, this time to the stenchcore sound they are known for today. Band's MySpace page: Read more on

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