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Parabellum - Bronka en el Bar
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Parabellum es una banda de música que se formó en el año 1985 en Baracaldo (Vizcaya). En su formación más estable estuvo compuesta por cuatro miembros: Juan Carlos Lera, Josu Korkostegi, Lino Prieto y Txetxu Martínez.

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1) Parabellum is a punk band formed in Barakaldo, in 1985. they have recorded five studio albums. since 1991 the band took influences from hard rock, rock and roll and even piano and keyboards collaborations. 2) Parabellum from Colombia. Being formed in 1981 Parabellum is referred to as the first extreme metal band from Colombia, and one of the first in South America. Unbelievably evil stuff somewhere between Hellhammer, Sarcofago, Poison (GER) and Bathory, but even more dirty and vicious with some spine-chilling doom parts. Read more on

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