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External Menace
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EXTERNAL MENACE formed from the same youthful energy that gave birth to many of the "second wave" of British punk bands. Put together by vocalist Wullie Hammill and John Sneddon in the summer of 1979, the band were typical of the 1979/1980 punk bands--faster and rougher than the class of 77, but not an all out UK82-style attack.

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External Menace

External Menace formed in the Coatbridge suburb of Glasgow, Scotland, U.K. in 1979 when John Sneddon, then 15, and 13 year old Wullie Hamill's band 'The L-Plates' were joined by 12 year old bassist Sandy Halkett and Rab Bell (14) on drums, the line up which recorded the 1979 demo which later got them signed to Beat the System records. After a brief split, during which Sneddy recorded a double A-side with The Snap Ons, Sneddy rejoined Wullie and Sanz with Derek Paterson taking over on drums Read more on

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