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NME - Unholy Death
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Underground cult band N.M.E. formed in the 1980s and released the classic Unholy Death LP in 1985. Influenced by the sounds of bands such as Venom and Hellhammer, it remains a cult favorite and an influence to other black metal bands.

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There are at least five bands by the name NME: 1) An American black/thrash (early)/Crossover/thrash (later) band formed in 1984. Released 3 full-length albums. 2)A Dutch ska/punk band from friesland,Released 3 full lenght albums. 3) A grunge rock band from northern Germany in the early mid 90s. The band of four released two albums and some live recordings. 4) Garage rock/punk trio from San Jose, California, which formed in 1995. The band is still active, and has released 3 albums thus far, with Bin Laden Airlines being their latest. Read more on

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