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Drapetomania is one of the many installments from the Silzenzio Statico label. A sharp and clean staccato attack, like '80s Italian hardcore playing Oi but with Spanish vocals.

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Spanish sung punk/hardcore with an Oi! edge from Los Angeles, CA. They were initially called Atake De Nervios but eventually changed their name after line-up changes. Self-titled Demo released in 2011, 7" on Silenzio Statico and Todo Destruido records released in June 2012, and a 8-track tape on Ghetto Youth Productions titled "Cabesas De Odio" (which includes 3 unreleased songs and a cover of "Ya No Quiero Nada" by Anarkia [Chile], on one side, and 4 live tracks recorded at The Lynwood House, on the other). R.I.P. (2011 - 2013) Read more on

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