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Discharge - Jacket
$ 1.15
Code: discharge_005
Formed: 1977 // Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, United Kingdom Hardcore punk band that were among the first to mix metal influences with punk and often used a specific drum beat that became known as D-beat. 9D-beat (after Discharge) later developed into a hardcore sub-genre also refered to as Discore or Kängpunk (in Sweden - Kängpunk means 'Bootpunk' 'boot' refering to the army styled steel toed boot).

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1) Punk / D-beat from Stoke On Trent, UK. 2) Hardcore / punk from Middlesbrough, UK. 1) Discharge are a British Hardcore Punk band formed in 1977. The band is characterized by a minimalistic approach of music and lyrics. Heavy, distorted, and grinding guitar-driven sound and raw, shouted vocals similar to a political speech, with lyrics on anarchist and pacifist themes, over intense drone-like rhythms. AllMusic calls the band's sound a "high-speed noise overload" characterized by "ferocious noise blasts" . Read more on

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