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Blasphemy - Live Ritual
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Canada's Blasphemy are one of the original black metal bands of the "second wave of black metal" and innovators of "war metal".

The band was initially formed in 1984 by singer/bassist Nocturnal Grave... and drummer 3 Black Hearts..., but it isn't until 1986 that the band is officially knighted Blasphemy. A demo called Blood Upon The Altar was then recorded at Fiasco Bros. Studios in 1989.

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The Canadian outfit known as Blasphemy was formed in 1984 in Burnaby, BC.. They are known for creating a small sub-genre known as “war metal”. Each member does not go by their real name, but use ‘’ritual’‘-style titles instead. Blasphemy is considered a black metal band, and while the guitar riffs/solos and blast beat drumming certainly fit the black metal mold, the vocals have a more death metal edge to them, similar to Von or Sarcófago. Read more on

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