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1919 - Caged
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Formed in December 1980 in Bradford, UK.
Dissolved late 1983.

Ian Tilleard: Vocals
Mark Tighe: Guitar
Nick Hiles: Bass (1980-1982, 1983)
Steve Madden: Bass (1983-1984)

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The band was formed in late 1980 by Guitarist Mark Tighe and Vocalist Ian Tilleard. After starting life as Heaven Seventeen, and with early lineups including a pre-Zodiac Mindwarp Mark Manning, the band eventually settled as 1919 (after a book belonging to Tighe) with Nick Hiles on Bass and Mick Reed on Drums. Their intention was, according to Reed, "to create a heavy melodic intense dance band with no frills and no intentions".[2] In 1982, 1919 released a 7" white label promo of Repulsion//Tear Down These Walls Read more on

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