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Kaka de Luxe
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The most important punk band in Spain, Kaka de Luxe was formed in 1977 with: 
Olvido Gara, 'Alaska' (guitar), Enrique Sierra (guitar), Nacho Canut (bass), Fernando Márquez, 'El Zurdo' (vocals) and Carlos Gª Berlanga (backing vocals), although none of them could play any instrument (except Enrique).

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Kaka de Luxe

Formed November 20, 1977, Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid, Spain Disbanded November 1978 // Members Fernando Márquez "El Zurdo" (vocals), Manolo Campoamor (vocals), Carlos Berlanga (backing vocals), Alaska (guitar), Enrique Sierra (guitar), Nacho Canut (bass), Pablo Beneyto (drums), Bernardo Bonezzi (guitar, 1978), Eduardo Benavente (guitar, 1978). In just a few months between 1977 and 1978, Kaka De Luxe laid out the foundations for what would be later known as "La Movida Read more on

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