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Krömosom - The Kröm Action Figure
$ 25.00
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The Kröm comes equipped with Massive Biceps, Rad Metal Boots and a Beer Can Bigger Than Your Head

Kröm is seriously HUGE, standing head and shoulders over and easily twice the mass of the Mutant Kommando figures. This toy is no joke. - Mutopia Toys

Each figure is packaged in a bag featuring spectacular resealable action, unhampered by it's beautifully illustrated header card.

Every figure has been hand inspected by mutants, and has received the half-atom seal of approval

Additional Information:


Hailing from Melbourne, Australia. Members of Nuclear Death Terror, Leprosy, and PISSCHRIST these guys are raw noise punk and raging d-beat hooligans. 2010- Demo 2011 - 8 Track 12" 2011 - Hardcore Pollution ep split w/ Isterismo 2012 - Paranoid! 2012 - Live Forever (Compilation of Paranoid!, Isterismo split and 8-track 12") 2013 - Nuclear Reich LP Read more on

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