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Nuketrüper Spud
$ 18.00
Code: mutopiatoys_04

Nuke Trooper Spud comes equipped with: A VHS camera for recording his vile deeds, a backup knife strapped to his axe, and studded battle armor fitted with a sick cape.

Der NukeTrüppen are savage, glue huffing mutant shocktroops. They operate the Wasteland News TV station out of the basement of an abandoned nuclear power plant.

Wasteland News broadcasts the most gruesome acts of combat savagery committed all across New Wasteland City.

All Nuke Troopers are Repeat Offending War Criminals, who will stop at nothing to earn the coveted "War Crime of the Week" title on Wasteland TV.

NukeTrüppen motto:  "You Gotta Wear a Helmet to Make the News"

Each figure is packaged in a bag featuring spectacular resealable action, unhampered by it's beautifully illustrated header card.

Every figure has been hand inspected by mutants, and has received the half-atom seal of approval.