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Rayos X
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Burnout Punks from South Central Los Angeles consisting of members from Generacion Suicida, Poliskitzo, and others. They play a heavily influenced Spanish 80's sound that was most influenced by bands: Toreros After Olé, Eskorbuto, R.I.P., etc.

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Rayos X

Rayos X is a raw punk band from South Los Angeles. Rayos X formed in the summer of 2008 out of the ashes of Asko (Tony-Vocals, Guitar) & Vakraant (Kaye-Bass, Tony-Drums). They began playing backyards a few months after forming. Rayos X first appeared on a cassette released by the Silenzio Statico label in early 2009. Rayos X have two vinyl EPs coming out: one on San Francisco-based label Lengua Armada records in March 2010, and the other on a Chicago-based label. They are currently writing material for a full-length album. Read more on

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