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Crisis - UK '78
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Crisis were a British punk rock band formed in 1977. They performed at rallies for Rock Against Racism (RAR) and the Anti-Nazi League (ANL), and at Right to Work marches. British music magazine Sounds used the phrase "Music to March To" to describe their distinctly edgy, controversial and far left form of punk rock.

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There are multiple acts sharing the name Crisis: 1. A British political punk band 2. A metal group from the 1990s lead by Karyn Crisis, signed to Metal Blade Records 3. A Spanish punk rock band 4. An American rock band 5. A name used for the 2008 UK all-star charity single "Consequences" 6. A 1970's old-time style radio show hosted by Jim French 7. An English industrial ambient band 8. A portuguese electronic flame-on band! 9.A punk band from Vacaville that consists of members from DcOi!, Monster Squad, Pullout etc. Read more on

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