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She Past Away
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She Past Away is a Darkwave, Post-Punk and Goth-wave band from Turkey that was formed in 2006. Their music compiles elements from the dark, sensational side of 80’s, often associated with bands like The Sisters Of Mercy, The Cure, Joy Division, Clan Of Xymox, Grauzone, and Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft. They bring back that era with today’s approach and Turkish lyrics.

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She Past Away

She Past Away is a dark wave band from Bursa, Turkey. The group was formed by Volkan Caner (vocal/guitar) and Idris Akbulut (bass) in 2006. With the live participation of Doruk Ozturkcan in electronic drums, the band was totally shaped by the end of 2009. Clashing gothic lyrics with buzzsaw guitars, allegedly broken vocals and sensory drum effects, the band evokes the cavernous experiments of darkwave era with the likes of Fields of the Nephilim, The Sisters of Mercy, Bauhaus and Suicide. Read more on

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