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Crux - T-Shirt (Blk & Wht)
$ 13.00
Code: rbshirt_16
100% DIY Handscreened Crux Shirt. Color consistency may vary since these are manualy screen-printed.

Additional Information:


Crux is the name of quite a few bands: 1) a British Oi! band from the early 80's 2) a Melodic/Post hardcore band based in Slough, UK 3) a Black/Thrash Metal band from the Czech Rep. (1990-1993) (go to the Crux (CZ)) 4) a hardcore/punk band from Portland, OR (1993-1998). 5) a Sydney, Australia-based noise-pop band (mid-90s). 6) a metal band from Werne, Germany. 7) a Polish Avant-Garde alternative band (current) 8) a Christian band from Estonia. 9) a Sydney, Australia-based crust punk band (current) Read more on

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